About our Spa &
    What we offer

    Love to give & give to Love

    Sweet Nails isn’t just another nail salon, we want to be a part of the community and make contributions. Nothing fulfills more than doing a good deed, which is why Sweet Nails organizes periodic donations to nonprofits in need. We are constantly looking for new ideas to help the community.


    Make the perfect first impression with beautiful stunning nails. Long or short?, coffin or almond? you choose your look, whether you stick to the same shape or you stick to the same color, everyone will instantly recognize your sense of style.


    after a long day of work, standing all day in tight wedges, what sounds more relaxing then a pedicure and a glass of wine? you work hard, enjoy it. However you look at pedicures, it is designed to make sure your heels and toes are in good condition. As it gets hot, out comes the sandal weather, be prepared and have beautiful looking feet.


    the right look and lashes are a beautiful distraction. never underestimate the beauty of eyelashes. Not to much and not to little, not to long and not to short, curled just right and be sure youll catch anyones attention at a glimpse.


    Waxing is essential. Lashes and eyebrows compliment each other making others entranced in the way you look. its the finishing touch to a beautiful you.